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A quick guide to the pages on this site:

  • The Career Index page lists all the careers I have made, in alphabetical order, to keep things tidy.
  • The Policies page is fairly self-explanatory and just outlines my overall policies.
  • The Reporting Issues page gives a guideline to reporting any issues with the careers. It does make it much easier if you guys follow these guidelines, and you’ll get your solutions a lot quicker if you do.
  • The FAQ page contains some frequently asked questions about downloading, installing and playing the careers, including common issues. Please take the time to read, it could save you hassle later on.
  • The Useful Mods page provides links to useful mods and additions to the careers to improve gameplay.

Happy Simming!


Graphic Designer Career for TS3

UPDATE: 8th Spetember 2016

The career has been updated to support games in other languages. If your game is in any language other than English, you’ll need to redownload the career at the bottom of this post for the career to show up in your game. (It’ll still be in English though until some translators translate them for me)


New career! Yay! (Twallan’s Careers Mod) is required for this career to work.

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Jedi Order Career for TS3

Okay so here’s a super shiny Jedi Order career 😀 is needed to use this career.

You only need the Base Game to use this career, but it will work with any Expansion and Stuff packs installed. It was made with Patch level 1.57, though it should work with any patch level above or below this. This career is based in the Military Base. It’s got 10 levels and involves Athletic and Logic skills. It has uniforms for all levels.

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